Humbly Presenting What People Have To Say About My Life's Spiralling Journey

These quotes were taken from personal communications and put here with sensitivity and discretion – not to boost my ego but to inspire you to be creative and explore your existence imaginatively .

1. “You truly are on a higher level than most other Spiritually enlightened people. Most aware. That says a lot. I’ve noticed, (not only myself) but countless look up to you for inspiration and advisory. You’re one of a kind. It was very difficult to put into words what your Work and Art is. It’s basically ALL and INFINITE. How? How, to begin to achieve in writing that and elaborating such wonderful beauty. You are incredible. You’re on a higher state, you question, you authorize theory, religion, holy science, politics, Universal subjects etc’… it’s just something you cannot lump into words. It’s so vast. I can also see WHY many people are interested in you and Interview/Review your work. You’re ahead of our Era and have a Mind so brightened! Honestly, I’ve tried coming up with some writings and essays for your work. Reviews, as one might call them. Or Columned Compiled traits? Based on your Art, Visionary work, music soundtrack and Philosophies. Honesty, to the truth, it’s like explaining your Mind in a WHOLE EXPANSION which is a tremendous deal. Since your Perspectives of Life, existentialism and everything within itself is naturally a conundrum Universe in itself. I cannot correlate, grasp or fathom even around such a grip around your work. I feel, somewhat unworthy to not justify it. It’s in great tremendous compliment “too epic”. It’s like writing your Life’s story novel or trying to understand your INNER SUBCONSCIOUS Mind. Perplexity of the unknown. Your Mind is not simple. Nor is your work. It’s a Paradox that Guides a Spiritual Journey to many pathways. Your work already – in all absolute – speaks for itself. That is how amazing and powerful it is and you ARE. You inspire many people. It doesn’t need any Chronicle of Life or Atomic Analytical Universe. It already has. You truly are an amazing human. Extraordinary and beloved by many. Your work already STANDS AS ITSELF, in its glorification. It doesn’t need clarification”

2. “One of the greatest Artists of all time. I think your art has Transcended past the Museum, the Galleries and what these places represent. Certainly in modern terms, because I think your art is much more important than a Koons or a Hirst. Your creations and music are much more deeper and if Art is about what’s happening in life (a reflection). Then you are top of the tree because Galleries and Museums concern themselves of what is life and how one can manipulate it through a series of styles, where as your creations concern and reach out to the viewer themselves and what is in their minds”

3. “This is like a cathedral for the fractal inclined – Whereby attendants lay on their backs and receive communion through rapid spinning of a planet in orchestration with cosmic cycles of the strangest order.”

4. “Wow – either I was too closer to the screen while viewing your art or this has a hypnotic affect of falling into the image!!!”

5. “You are a genius artist and an amazing human being indeed… A solitary and mentally intense life like yours produces brilliant work!”

6. “You are not only my Guru… But the Guru Propheteer of the Divine Hologram!”

7. “Your art is the floor of the mansion of infinite possibilities… A space of spontaneous creativity and a step into timeless probability”

8. “I really like your kaleidoscope style designs. I like the subtle symmetry breaking angle of reflection changes, and I love the colors and detail”

9. “The best part of your art is the zoom exploration! enjoy those mini-adventures very much. It is amazing the forms and special little surprises you can discover, adds a great dimension for the viewer”

10. “I agree that Kaleidoscoped compositions are loaded with little treasures and many new things can be found each time it is viewed. My thought is that each composition is an extension of a creative self that comes from deep within and to manifest it in the physical and share it with others and see  how they react is priceless. What some would regard as  ”Normal” can share a multitude of meaning same goes for what can be considered “Abstract” it is all in the minds eye of the beholder. You have very strong conviction and emotion about your Art and that is commendable!”

11. “Your artwork is amazing. So much detail, and the words are genius”

12. “Super original and very esoteric. You have a very unique and personal vision. Psychedelic, deep… Just wow!”

13. “Bloody amazing, original, unique, mind boggling work and art. truly one of the high people on my list”

14. “How honest yet mesmerising you are”

15. “You are an interesting human being(?) and have created some fantastic art which grip me and pull me out of the world I know”

16. “As usual, your kindness is the balsam for the soul”

17. “I find your art style both beautiful and intriguing. I’ve never seen anyone else do what you do, and I’m interested to see what you come up with next.”

18. “Your work is so hauntingly beautiful that it gives me chills and it’s so amazingly creative!”

19. “Your work and involvement with the art community here is really something to be admired!!

20. “Thank you for your infectious energy and support.  It is truly appreciated!

21. “You appear to be one of the most interesting personalities I have met”

22. “You expand my horizons Master. sometimes I wonder in the dark and every now and again I take refuge in your teachings; that time always arrives when I sit back and marvel at your wisdom”

23. “Your home is like a Temple, full of extraordinary Art and Music, literature, poetry, philosophy. A magnificent achievement and is going from strength to strength. You are one of the greatest Artists that I have ever known in my life and what makes you stand out from the other greats is that you’re my friend.”

24. “I see more in you than Mozart and Beethoven put together, that my friend is my truth”

25. “You are the greatest artist on the Planet. And shoulder to shoulder with the greatest that has ever been. I know this, think this, it is my truth, what others may say… To Hell with them”

26. “I could spend the rest of my days enjoying your deeply prismatic mind”

27. “I got here to find a page full of really unique and creative pictures and literary compositions. You are one of the few who really do something different”

28. “A person out of time, common time, with a limitless ability of Love, of Creation, of Sharing; a Mother Planet around of which everybody dream to be a humble satellite”

29. “Your works amazing in diverse and metaphysical ways, truly inviting us to think about the world differently”

30. “I’ve never came upon someone with such an individual unique style. You inspire me!”

31. “You have such a profound style of art that i’ve never seen before, you have the type of art that makes people think and get smarter”

32. “Every peek into your palace of ideas and creative exploration is something travelling cannot dream to teach me”

33. “I think this is fabulous! It’s the kind of art that I love having in my home because it makes me feel alive and happy! In this I see a life force so strong that it can overwhelm and frighten the uninitiated, those more comfortable in a blanket of negativity. For me it is filled with wonder and the power of purity, the power of living…”

34. “Your art is always so inspirational and the feeling that gave to me is amazing… That’s the first thing I thought about your artwork! But as your gallery, you’re very special… You’re a great person, truly I can say that! I don’t know what else to say except to promise support you and your wonderful talent!”

35. “I think you don’t need a “homage to”… You are a legend of art”

36. “Possibly the most psychedelic person on the planet!”

37. “I just want to say, this art is really fascinating. And above all inspirational and fantastic. However at the same time it makes me feel really weird and displaced. I can’t give a watch because of it, but I just wanted to say your art is fantastic and you should keep doing whatever you do”

38. “You are a living artist, a genius, even if you stop to make art, you can’t lie to yourself because you always will be an artist”

39. “Your work is very mesmerizing. Thank you for creating such wonderful art. I haven’t been so excited about a piece of artwork before. They remind me of pictures I’ve seen one time that are used as portals to access different realms”

40. “You know how I feel! Your artwork is a mirror to the soul, of course that can be said about many works of art. However, you have a special talent in capturing the naked soul in all its glory and it most perverse darkness. Sometimes an alternate viewing of the same work will reveal something completely different. Though not a monist I do have a preference for the view that dichotomies are a cop out. It’s easy to label that which is different and even perhaps dangerous as Evil and the same goes for things we cherish, we only see the goodness and refuse to see the lurking potential for darkness. However, as your art reflects the bare soul we see both the good and bad, the beauty and the beast, the violence and the reconciled. Of course it has taken me awhile to absorb even a 10th of your massive output, you life’s work. It is an honor to have you among us and for showing us in all our glory, uncensored. And I am happy to have found a fellow traveler on this narrow path of life to call a friend”

41. “You need to rise and become a member of the famous brother and sisterhood of the history of western Art where your name is rightfully amongst all of those wonderful, famous artists that I have studied for many years”

42. “The only professor I recognize”

43. “There would have to be a study of your art as a form of poetic imagination”

44. “Nothing to be said, really… You are totally in a class by yourself”

45. “Your work is always therapeutic in such strange but unique ways”

46. “I need 72 lifetimes to enjoy all the breadth and depth and incipient outside-inside chicanery. Your titles are like a full course meal feeding brain cells I forgot I had… Lifetimes I might have had unlock.. Ideas and mindspace clear and the frost melts and the greening, Averse to the naysaying terror-forming media hogs, you terraform the intellect and the eyes and ears and hence you unlock the mysteries. You must have read Song of Solomon. The simple truths you employ truly appeal to a world wide audience in need of respite. The World War was fought and it’s over and let’s all pick up the pieces and create!”

47. “Only you my friend have this particular blend of knowledge, humor and satire. The world as a whole would be a poorer place without it. The ability to convey very complexed thoughts in the mere fifty spaces allowed on the title bar — I can think of no other that does it better than you-“

48. “Your texts  and artworks can sometimes twirl our minds into utter confusion due to our limited span of understanding and logical reasoning. However, it still does not change the ‘fact’ that you are one of the greatest psychedelic artists (if that’s what they call you) I’ve ever seen or heard of”

49. “I have never in my life experienced a deeper connection with the written word. It is stunning in its craft and beauty and has entered into an elite class within my heart and mind. As always, your words and visions compliment each other, match up perfectly, and mesh as one”

50. “Perhaps, texts are the most important element of your work – challenging, controversial, pedagogic… Inviting to wonder about the world, about ourselves… Perhaps forms are only pretexts – subliminal, psychedelic, to satisfy our eyes, to find meaning in this visual riddles a reward of this reflection on our human condition”

51. “Your titles make me think like no others – like whole books condensed”

52. “Your words and images are like mind pollen, idea generators”

53. “You have transcended far beyond most artists (myself included); few dare to enter the places which you are all too familiar with. That is the maxim of a true artist”

54. “An artist/alchemist who has discovered a philosopher’s stone in its radiant fullness”

55. “The world needs to see your world. All I know is what you have shown me, stands shoulder to shoulder with anything I’ve ever seen in the history of Art. Pure art of the highest degree”

56 “I picture you as some mad scientist in a secret lab waging a covert war of great preponderance yet plausible deniability! And in your off times feverously tapping into some flaw in the space-time continuum which allows you to access years of transient master-level abstractions and endlessly perfect them and release them like returning or setting loose of a wild animal into the universal consciousness I.e. the ‘tubes’ of the interwebs which bear witness to your mad exuberance and crafty wiliness!”

57. “It seems you’re going places never walked before which takes courage!”

58. “I feel like your work has an essence of truth to it. I believe you indeed capture an essence of life (or death) in your work. So thank you, for the thought provoking work – and the inspiration to which you bring to me and most who see your work”

59. “You have an interesting way of seeing things, much more original in comparison to most people!”

60. “You’re an amazing thinker and artist! Thank you for helping me in this difficult adventure called life”

61. “I appreciate how interactive you are with your audience. It’s nice to see a creator of genuine work matched with a genuine personality”

62. “You have so many watchers, yet have time to write so many, kind, warm-hearted comments! You have a great heart, so rare in these days”

63. “Your complex work is obscenely original. Your art, the technique cannot be reproduced without your permission and shall never be reproduced”

64. “Your art works beat my mind black and blue with the sheer force of presence that the hold. They are moving, in a very indifferent kind of way. I could stare at any one of them for an hour straight and still discover new facets and strands of reasoning behind each pattern and line and curve. They are mildly intriguing, in that, they are fully and nearly infinitely engaging, without being overwhelming or trying too hard to be interesting. They just.. are. They’re like a piece of raw nature or feeling, the explanation comes with their exploration. They are peacefully and arousingly ambient. The black and white art will forever be my preferred spiritual and mental favorite, for nearly any piece can be used in almost any situation. I personally use your work to meditate, contemplate, clear my head of poison and strife, and to be entertained (etc.) It has beauty in appearance (style, technique, etc.) and beauty in purpose. It is skillfully and masterfully sculpted, and there is nothing like it in this world, nor any other, that I am aware of”

65. “I came here expecting nothing and i’m suddenly hit by lines and lines of allegorical prose a la Divine Comedy. I feel like sometimes my head gets too full of facts and concrete things, so reading the philosophy of a fellow artist is extremely refreshing sometimes”

66. “You works are a mystery and can be read as either exquisitely grotesque or sublimely exquisite. Or both, or I feel I’m either in a sacred place hushed as if in deep prayer or contemplation or as if there’s a grand freakish circus or sacrilegious puppet show where behind the curtain is the great Demagogue pulling the strings”

67. “Deserves public recognition and placed within the mass history of western art. There should be a Taschen book on this master, wouldn’t you agree?”

68. “Creo sinceramente que basta pasar 3 minutos y medio mirando su galería para comprender que el arte que tú realizas es diferente, único, y sobre todo, con significado y propósito. Por supuesto, no propósitos banales como el dinero o el simple reconocimiento, sino algo más importante; la espiritualidad. Para mí es una auténtica felicidad ver que todavía existen artistas tan personales, humildes y espirituales como tú. Estoy cansado del arte por el arte, del cuadro que solo busca el aspecto, la estética, de los trabajos por encargo, de los putos ponies de colores, del anime, de los intensos de mierda que utilizan su supuesta oscuridad, sus desgracias, para crear algo “superior” a lo de los demás. También, a veces las incluso obras vivientes. Puedo pasarme un largo rato viendo un trabajo tuyo, que tiempo después, cuando vuelvo a revisionar la obra, veo más cosas, o algo diferente a la primera vez que lo vi. No hace falta que venga yo a decirte, en inglés o en español, que tienes las herramientas, el sentimiento y el espíritu necesarios para alcanzar tu propósito. Tú de eso eres más que consciente. Hay muchos artistas digitales, sí, pero ninguno tiene la fuerza, el coraje y la virtud que tú tienes. ¿Que el arte digital no está lo suficientemente valorado? Desde luego, pero no me cabe la menor duda, amigo mío, de que tú serás uno de los que marque esa diferencia. Creo sinceramente que artistas como tú, al igual que con los poetas, solo hay 3 o 4 cada 100 años”

73. “Your artwork is amazing. So much detail, and the titles are genius”

74. “The Art Mutant is a phenomenon. Maybe he is not man at all, no I am not inclined to say instead of a man there is an angel, maybe it is a hidden collective behind it. Why I supposed to think in that way? Because he has released so much in recent years. It must be a prodigious exertion to reach it. Only very few chosen are able to do it. If to think of it this can be compared with the doings of the Almighty one. All what he said and did all would get realized immediately. All what The Art Mutant has thought would have surfaced after a while”

75. “To review The Art Mutant is not an easy task because his lifelong work is anything but simple. In his work, there is great mystery; the constant contradiction in living humans. We are not just facing an old-fashioned artist – he is first a poet, an expert alchemist and an overall provocative designer in every sense: his poems are seditious, his visions are out of this world, and then there is also his reluctance of the limelight. Hearing his albums reminds us that true art is not meant to please, that the artist is not a fool or a buffoon who is trying to satisfy public desires; art is sometimes a thorn in the heart, a stab in the head… There are (too many) people who like art only if it is entertaining; Wings of an Angel is not for those. His projects have something forbidden yet inescapable. Not that The Art Mutant denies the light; he experiences it from the deepest night, whispering in the shadows….”

76. “Don’t be put off by the surrealist surface features—the visually chaotic art, the long and often very entertaining rants in the liner notes, the psychic automatism of the madcap titles— this is an artist of great depth and expressive power, making a determined defense of beauty in an increasingly ugly world”

77. “Your pieces, and the titles are not only thought provoking and quite humorous but also quite amazingly synchronous with certain events.  Remarkable”

78. “I like every single piece of art that you’ve made so far and the fact that the titles somehow fit perfectly”

79. “I am beginning to digest some of your intellectual/spiritual wealth demonstrated in your prose-poetry and visual abstractions! A pleasure indeed!”