Psychedelic Consciousness-Transforming Video Art

We’ll Have To Continue Our Lives Absent-Minded, A Requisite Hither-Thither To Oriental Philosophy

Our Eyes Are Like The Fathomless Sea After A Storm Of The Black Plague

Biographic Self Deception Is Like A Wheel Of Fortune

If You’re Dreaming About The Absolute,You Were Meant To Live For Things That No One Else Wants

A Perineal Massage To The Soul Before An Orgasm Takes Its Toll

Cannot Create A Toxin Out Of Mortality

I Smoke The Unseen Body Partitions Of All You Who Live Inside The Caudex

The Barrier To Bliss Often Caricatures Our Humanification

Are Passions Just Life’s Reactions To Everything We See As Healthy?

Just As Fairytales Are The Failures Of Reality, An Open Mind Can Be As Pretty As A Lie

Infinity Is To Re-Speak Our Mind While Existence Is On Acid

 Movement Interacts With A Symbolic Representation Of Timelessness

Without Facial Expressions, There Can Be No Confusion, So Let’s Lobotomize All Our Loved Ones

Your Delusionss Disperse The Ego Whose Passions Are Formless And Transient

Beseeching In Half Awkwardness About The Means To Replace Foresighted Natural Selection

If You Trust A Mystic, You Will Surely Become A Cystic Statistic

Incognito Influences Of Utopian Near-Death Schemes In Conjunction With Promises Of Trivial Grandeur

Fragmentary Phobias Are Expressed In Gentle Gestures Of Persuasion

The Petty Swansong Of Our Infantile Codependency On A Higher Awakening

Doomsday Hushed The Bowstrings Of Feckless Truth Seeking Which Led Us To Mass Extinction

The Bawdy Monkey Business Of Irreversible Relaxation

Subordinate Every Thought To Deception And Fair Danger

Present In The Contagious Contemplation Of An Uncoming Tomorrow

Art & Video were created with the best software for Mandalas - ArtScope & Kaleider