The Art Mutant Is A Veteran Visual Artist And Poet-Philosopher Specializing In An Original Style Of Avant-Garde Dark And Horror Art. Continuing The Best Experimental Tradition Of Past Avant-Garde Masters And Outsider Art’s Luminaries, Far From The Limelight Or Any Source Of Light For That Matter, This Distinctive Artist Invites You To Experience His Signature Art Style Which He’s Most Known For Around The World – Funeral Doom Laughter Horror Art, Focusing On Spiritual Horror And Reflecting On Humanity’s Darkest Sides, Thus Illuminating Our Imaginary Superiority And Complexes. This Unfathomable Universe – One-of-a-kind And Colossal In Its Scope Of Artistic Expression And Power – Explores The Human Consciousness And Much Beyond With Razor-Sharp Existential Commentary And Remarkably Unorthodox Humor, All The While Diving Ever Deeper Into The Profound Projections Of Our Fears, Contradictions, Mystifications And Horrors. The Artist’s Genuine Expressive Style, Radically Individual Worldviews And Life Philosophies Are Matched By A Genuine Personality And Infinitely Open Horizons As Evident From The Depths Which This Artist Explores Fearlessly.

For The First Time Ever, You May Choose To Experience Full-Fledged Psychedelic Trips & Nightmares Without Taking Any Entheogens! Mutate Your Mind With My Mind-Expanding Art – Create Your Own Miracles In A Flash Inspiration!

Awaken Your Imagination And Psychoactively Enrich Your Senses. My Creative Journey Embodies The Matrix Of Human Existence With Infinite Dimensions And Demonstrate Natural Healing Qualities – Facilitating Lucid Moments Of Little Deaths (translated from French as ‘La Petite Mort’) And Haunting Mediumship Seances With Your Higher-Self!

I Wholeheartedly Believe That Dark Art Projects Such As Mine Are The Much-Needed Replacement For The Old Concepts That We’ve Been Accustomed To (of museums, art galleries etc’). Thenceforth, This Vision Will Give Birth To The Art Of The Future, Very Humbly Said. In My Perception, We Must Replace All The Old Models And Masters With Fresh Paradigms And Role Models – In Tune With The Spirit Of This Quickly Changing Postmodern Era. May The Supreme Drone Accompany You To Your Greatest Unearthly Adventure! 

Walking out of the world, the sun on his face, the hero is singing in dead of night
Do not trust a woman who takes everything off except her hat
At how many harbors have we never been meeting to celebrate this broken promise
Joy is childish in the eyes of cosmopolitans
Existence belongs to the progressive expansion of possibilities
We've Lost Direct Contact With Our Sorcery Genome
We must learn how to lead holistic lives in the face of desire
The viewer is left with nothing but an insight into the limits of our condition
We are sensuous about the light beams we digest
The shell-shaped dog whined magically
With bad thinking, comes bad legend
Sacred mysteries withheld from fame, shunning any academic or literary discussion
Make Room For Your Future Dictator To Take Over
Our conversations with other dream-weavers have led to an evolving of pseudo-unlimited consciousness
If we all work together, we can make multi-resistant bacteria flop
The omniscience of realism is quite sociological in its integrity
On our bed of tears, the dancing waves sing of longing
Express your condolences to the Moon insisting that after this one, you really seriously are going to quit
Out of the cradle, endlessly hoping to eviscerate with a cane
A menagé à trois often caricatures reality
Go forth arrayed in panoply divine; That angel pureness which admits no stain; Go, bid proud Man his boasted rule resign, And kiss the golden scepter of thy reign
Darwinism demagnetizes planarian notebook butterflies
The difference between imagination and a wife, is that imagination smiles back at you
Were You A Spiritual Being Before This Escapade?
I excrete arid lights below the water
Firewood in the form of a soliloquy
On the edge of the world , there's nothing to lose, the same edge from which the gods steal their dreams and wherein they take comfort in our failure to become them
Strip Down The Lies You've Been Told Your Whole Life
The only protection against death is to love solitude
Totally scary beside the wind
Visionary Narcotics For Colorless Energy Vampires
Waiter, there's a gruesome creature in my soup
Where heaven ends, courtrooms begin
Inseparability requires exploitation of another fellow human being
If the maestro trades baseball cards with the all-too-likeable bride...
Do you think that the people who love you are the people who love you because we're being lied to?
Bizarre! The vision has died, graying and fighting back, trying to recall a sense of danger, with memories of my spiritual forefathers wandering aimlessly while the snow fell
Have you found your journey?
Blood becomes a time bomb
In the catharsis off Orgasm, she tumbles and calls flapping birds on a rusting cloud
In the moonless darkness of questioning, young lovers fade away like smog
Down what streets, the guests look for love, never knowing how and why
The body of mind wants to go to hell
Seeker, look within and change yourself to whoever you wish to become
Cut off all discussion of your genitals while driving
We transform desirous whorls within the sea
If you are not a supporter of purity, you are probably not acting reasonable
Self-adulating fable and yet the snow is not quite ski-able
The cosmos depends on dimensionless love
Forget to go home all through your life
Where do random thoughts come from?
Peace of mind goes out the door, as the absurdities pour in
Biology is a fairytale that ends with artificial intelligence
Show off your knowledge about antidepressants without using verbs
A Mantrap For The Conquistador
We artists are akin to atypical clowns or better yet buffoons who are on an endless pursuit of experimental self-expression
Tomorrow is nonsensical, much like me
Humans are not able to remove the fun from self-mutilating your taboo desires
Could it be that metaphors can change the way you think of time, if you stop being so narrow-minded?
Everybody must try to live forever, that includes you
A missed opportunity is a dear relative flying on the wings of love
Transcendence is the ground of sub empirical space time events
If they tell you that you can't reach a higher level of consciousness - do it anyway!
Change is the opposite of broken light experiencing itself
Dump sunshine all over meat in the form of movie credits
Although you may not realize it, you are mystical!
Only when you learn to laugh at the positive effects of value, will you meet thunder
Is There A Way Out For Our Ill Society From The Heavy Toll Of Progress?
He started to wonder if he made a fatal mistake, even though life is too short to think about why
Before the day of death the oceans speak out loud about their woes
Feverishly conquering a sublime dahlia
The dual-lopsidedness of animosity is revolutionary in its hypocrisy
Existence is on acid
Native Magic Sham In The Wilderness
The amazing skateboardin' tarantula gone ballistic
Why not befriend the voices in our heads?
Wading through a mire of your own creation
The complexity of injustice is almost dogmatic in its clairvoyance
And though I don't remember when I could not mask the pain of your non-existence
When you need a trustworthy individual, always aspire to question your own motivations
Why doth bruising promiscuity scorch th' rain's purgatory?
At a crossroads of intuition and illusion
Pray and don't tell my fair maiden, do you know the joys of the big O?
Don't trust the bill for your wealth, just be human
The ecology of politics is idyllic in its sanctimoniousness
The mist composes the guiltless grass
Feed upon the misery of all who encounter you
Wouldn't it be nice if astronauts understood that they're being manipulated, just like all the soldiers in all the armed forces?
The world is inherent in total acceptance of actions
Aliens Will Come Down On Earth To Practice BDSM With Our Leaders
The fact that you're strong, doesn't make you indestructible
A Forlorn Demon King Is Waiting For Resurrection
Those who ignore their co-workers, outsmart flying daggers
Lost in the continent of spiritual radiation, turning to emotionless stone
By eating eggs from free range chickens, we can make human stupidity a hop topic
In the next life, all the things that you have dared may get undared
The key to joy is mirrored in a jumble of choices
All gross afflictions are caused by meditation
Totally scary beside the wind
A fetishist almost mourns some land
Intimate Glance To The Ritual Of Soulless Prayer
Dying paint on native skin
It's imbecile to be disgusting; but it's not disgusting to be imbecile!
I envision splintering bones in your bone marrow
Bands of herring bones, vultures waiting for the rust, the best transportation for the dead
Open-minded waste of space
The victim must look for landmarks in the late light
By reading self-help literature, we can make it so that we end up in everyday jail
If you are the only one who cares about the dialogue, you are not in the dialogue
Sound can be as pretty as a succubus within you
After the rain of ourselves, the oceans journey toward us
Bullies are really librarians on the inside
I expel musty gems from within the mass grave of humanity
You are not drunk so long as you can lie on the ground without holding on
Self power is the wisdom of subtle abstract beauty
We are in the midst of a sacred invocation of awareness that will align us with the dreams-cape itself
Let people know that your life is colossally mediocre
My malady is your best melody
Humankind is a riot against insanity
Lost moments are problems in the making
Were You A Spiritual Being Before This Escapade?
With more spirituality, comes more responsibility to be moralistic, but also more power to be destructive
Excuse me, do you mind if I stare at you for a minute? I want to remember your face for my dreams
I ensnare arid devils near the fleeting towers
A pine forest burning, jungles are bounded on all sides, ghosts of factories evaporate while gold ice grows on the porch
Self-adulating fable and yet the snow is not quite ski-able
So wind some tape around your hand, and that memory is the one I regret
Mutate Your Mind, Create Your Miracles
The polite orca whale sat on a clock skillfully
Children repeating nature, father repeating children and mother passively watching as always
Everything corresponds to subconscious images
Between make-believe and the human race comes an idea
Wondrous awe shoots pineapples with a machine-gun
Thou art these Kings' glorious misgivings
Take my fear, take the hunger, take my body when i’m younger!
Maybe toxins can change our collective outlook of humans if we can step outside our own bubble?
Your impact on the world is slight, but not positive
Each jet shoots through rainstorm smoke
The unexplainable is only possible in the light of missed opportunities
Start explaining over and over about meat in a manner that annoys even yourself
Words make noises like dead whispers
Try to be someone else, as though you were a psychic
Don't you ever get tired of educating others, considering the fact that no knowledge is finite in itself...?
Will the union of hell and paradise portion the background?
After the idea comes the hanging... Or another boring mating ritual
The ones in power will always do their best to make you feel as though you are less
Maybe movies are movies because we are all movies?
Into the waiting jaws of the fire ants
Don't Reveal Your Secret Society Symbolism
Brutality Is The Trademark Of The Eternal Coward
Once you understand how to eat him, you understand how to raise a statue of him. Do we still must ask ourselves whether to trust cannibals?
If you are surrendering to your ways, you are obviously seeing the big picture
The legend of the raven's roar makes people shiver unjustifiably
Obviously, it is good to ignore the humanification of human beings
We're All Possessed By Our Wounded Egos
Should the electrical beard bounce the component?
Radiate perspective, hypnotize conformity
The essence of nature is uncontrollable ecstasy
The royal distribution orientates the force
The Angel Of Death Is Currently Missing In Action
Onlooker laughs and drinks all night with the transhuman ghostwriter
Myths are designed to shame your primordial needs
The enraged tour guide mutilated a wheelbarrow
The romanticism of nihilism is rather conservative in its economics
We are in the midst of a dynamic redefining of passion that will clear a path toward the quantum soup itself
What Would you do if all the criminals realized they were being brainwashed?
You've always been an unearthly demagogue in a society of placebo-addicts
Some people will always ejaculate what is perceived to be untranslatable
Did You Sing A Lullaby From The Axis Of Evil?
I don't believe nothing, even if it's true
We can no longer afford to live with stagnation
The Burning Bush is undeniably prosaic in its morphology
Flat memories of past tree screams
You don't need a future in order to fight and destroy evil
The human nervous system transforms the barrier of bliss
Some saintly necromancer dances with a sprightly labyrinth
Castration of emotions leads to false emancipation
Wonted honor! Thou art thy virtue's ancient armpits
Prostitutes resurrect what cavemen give birth to
We can never solve our problems by inspiring others, we can just solve our problems by conning ourselves individually
Self-abuse is akin to shooting fish in a barrel
The leaving of home while the world changes
Hate can be beautiful as the ghost of a friend of tomorrow
Don't be controlling - think like someone incredible
I excrete arid lights below the water
Darwinism demagnetizes planarian notebook butterflies
O capital vice! O rebellious infirmity! Thou art the tide's wretched bile
Just because it's hard to be ugly, doesn't mean it's ugly to be hard
A sarcastic hamburger injured a telephone
In the country of the disabled, someone about to drive off a cliff is considered a revolutionary
The only distinction between your beautiful face and earth, is that earth does not cost you a dollar
Social justice warriors become social justice warriors out of sexual deviation
Infinity is to re-speak our mind
Reality has always been radiating mystics whose auras are immersed in empathy
In nature’s school, her soft maxims taught that separate rights are lost in mutual love
Wisdom Doesn't Come With Old Age. Dementia Does!
Wonderland is conquered by an army of my phallic ghosts
Leaving only a sense of decadence and the inevitability of a new order
O wretched salvation! Wherefore doth foul indiscretion not render up man's indolence?
You are grasping angry tongues within the ground upon every intellectual circumcision
They Do Not Show This Performance Magic In Demonology Classrooms
First There Was Energy We Couldn't Explain
The two things you need in order to control the masses is a free spirit and a mother as your role model
Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of meaning
Survival technique or just regular beauty, what else could it do?
Wherefore doth strict flame plot against man's eyes?
Ye anonymous life-form, look within and bless yourself anew
It has been seen in an abandoned mental facility
Unable to win or lose or even play the game
The poetry of obfuscation is really quite political in its mobility
Fancy coming back to my place and doing the things I'll tell everyone we did anyway?
Don't Think That Real Life Horror Is Similar To TV
At a crossroads of intuition and illusion
Express your condolences to the Moon insisting that after this one, you really seriously are going to quit
Do not trust a woman who takes everything off except her hat
We've All Sacrificed Our Purity On Humanity's Wry Altar
Dare to go through whats cannot be gone through
What starts out as yearning soon becomes debased into a carnival of temptation
Sneaking glances through closed curtains
You can always be the first to try to care about things that nobody has cared about - that includes yourself first on the top of this list
Impressionism is very nearly open-minded in its polymorphism
Artists run for emotional climaxes, like mental borderline patients
If you are surrendering to your ways, you are obviously seeing the big picture
First comes the end of the world, then comes the majestic dance of particles
You create dazzling symbols against the tombs of the just
Don't be so open-minded, hide your near-death experiences!
The reinforcement of metamorphism is prosaic in its trendiness
Our conversations with other warriors have led to an ennobling of ultra-angelic consciousness
Changing education begins with creating human trust
A ghastly philosopher sells the polite tea party to a debutante for the somnambulist
I speak to quaking ghosts below the fire
The Higgs boson undertakes the door of destiny
Be the first to try to lose things that nobody else will lose anytime soon
Entertainment is just nature reinventing itself
Shut up, there's no reason to stick a finger in the back of your throat
Pillaging can make you caressed
Repeat something you heard about old people employing foreign terms you don't really know the meaning of
My Dark Humor Creates Artifacts You Can't Handle
Dare to go through whats cannot be gone through
Entrap your mental breakdown in a virtual scam
Hospital is a professional term for where lovers go to die
A clock about a dilettante tries to seduce another lowly clock
Remember to ignore yourself more often
Asphalt lines have become her sacrilegious hieroglyphs
Humankind is a riot against insanity
Angelic Hearts Are Like Skeletons In The Closet
Don't Reveal Your Secret Society Symbolism
Where there is illusion, guidance cannot thrive
Tears are actually just ghosts eating you from the inside
Lost in the continent of spiritual radiation, turning to emotionless stone
Only when you learn to laugh at how other people see you, will you actually experience your true self
Uniform Demilitarization
Only a prophet of the infinite may bring about this wellspring of divinity
My demented circuits are overloaded, but I'll try to do better next time, in the hereafter
Infinity is to re-speak our mind
Maybe get that checked out professionally by your stalker
Risk-taking is to not disappear
Grin and don't get involved in life beyond the melting pot
The Reformatory For Juvenile Abstract Artists
The coolness entered her vertebrae, reality is indeed a staircase leading nowhere
O royal terror! Yea! Thou art th' multitudes' weary fair messenger
Some Sorcerer starts reminiscing about lost glory
"Revolutionary" is old greek and means "a person who's in desperate need of love"
Creating something can be like a twilight of the future
We cannot transform ourselves by changing our surroundings, but we can transform ourselves by spying on ourselves as individuals
The leaving of home while the world changes
"Stock Market" is a professional term for "Sperm Bank"
If you are not in love with self-deception, you are most definitely in possession of a fallen angel's soul
World Mythologies Are The Same Tragedy Replayed
Celebrate every confession you make with explosive devices
Blood Was The Coca Cola Of Medieval Times
Blood Was The Coca Cola Of Medieval Times
Human Ignorance Knows No Finite Limits, Like Love
Don't forget that you're hyperventilating right now
Where the light comes from the next life, awaiting out of whose dream the refuge will materialize
Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the universe via electromagnetic resonance
Democracy makes you popular among all the wrong the ladies
Children repeating nature, father repeating children and mother passively watching as always
Never say "I am Hard", say to the pretty face besides you: "I believe in you!"
You don't need to have an acting class to quit supporting your addiction
Great actors are able to defend what's perceived to be undefendable
Those who worry about the poor - adore being worshiped
Only a master of the quantum matrix may reveal this osmosis of knowledge
Bizarre! The vision has died, graying and fighting back, trying to recall a sense of danger, with memories of my spiritual forefathers wandering aimlessly while the snow fell
From whence doth sinful fear delay thy chastity's entrails?
The greasy disease appoints the wind
Dating and repentance go hand in hand
There is a clear correlation between madness and pretentiousness
Death is beyond spiritual feminine sensations
Don't search for your truest-self, just do the impossible
If we all work together like the A-Team, we can make neighbors disappear
Who are we? Where on the great story will we be awakened?
If you know how to connect to your feminine side, you also surely know how to persuade others to dance the Libertango with your wife
Above The Pose Of Self-Imposed Magnitude
As wavering forms become frozen through frantic and critical practice...
The end of the world is just like the light beams at the end of the tunnel
The complexity of injustice is almost dogmatic in its clairvoyance
However, the cream puff inexorably can be kind to another dissident
Signal your familiarity with fishing in a hoarse croak
Feed upon the misery of all who encounter you
As a child, was your cradle rocked too close to the wall?
Your eyes are like the sea after a storm of the black plague
With unexplainable freedom, comes unexplainable shame
Elephant-men are not permitted in the bar after eight o'clock
Stop blinking - it's too loud!
Strange and invisible in the slime
Will the union of hell and paradise portion the background?
The static is charged with third degree murder
Don't think about your beloved's karma, just trust no one...
Too long degraded, scorned, oppressed; O born to rule in partial Law’s despite, resume thy native empire o’er the breast!
A soul is the opposite of a lie breaking the rules
Begone, begone, you smell like a crappy line of poetry
Hidden meaning imparts reality to formless genes
Write a libretto birth while looking in the mirror
Nothing Stays Secret Unless It Becomes Obvious
Do not surrender to the self-evident karma, just look inward!
A scaly tail writhing from your back
Debate the chunky shade
A resume of failure and inadequacy
A role model is a trauma, but so is a trauma...
Sinister and splintering under the towers
No humans pretend to be like copies of themselves
The father puts on the spirit camera, the leather albatross and has the ghostly children imitate cactuses
Dying sodomizes meaningless friendships
If you are sad in the afterlife, you are the winner of the afterlife
The Untelevised Auction Of My Imaginary Friends
No coward soul is mine, no trembler in the world’s storm-troubled sphere is meant to survive
Water can sometimes be like eternal life
It's attractive to the opposite sex to be morbidly pleasureable
Walking out of the world, the sun on his face, the hero is singing in dead of night

Tripping Guaranteed!

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The Master Thief Who Stole Your Lucid Dreams

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Fragmentary Phobias Are Expressed In Gentle Gestures Of Persuasion

The Petty Swansong Of Our Infantile Codependency On A Higher Awakening

Doomsday Hushed The Bowstrings Of Feckless Truth Seeking Which Led Us To Mass Extinction

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Art & Video were created with the best software for Mandalas - ArtScope + Kaleider

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