“Citizens, in the future there will be neither darkness nor thunderbolts; neither ferocious ignorance, nor bloody retaliation. As there will be no more Satan. In the future no one will kill anyone else, the earth will beam with radiance, the human race will love. The day will come… When all will be concord, harmony, light, joy and life”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

The Master Art Mutant (Also Known As The Unearthly Demagogue and/or Wings of an Angel) Is A Veteran Psychonaut, Poet-Philosopher And Digital Artist – Specializing In An Original Style Of Psychedelic Art, As Well As On Hyper-Detailed Mandalas And Kaleidoscopes. I Invite You Hereby To Experience My Signature Style, Focusing On Subliminal Tripping And Reflecting On Humanity’s Darkest And Brightest Sides, Thus Illuminating Our Imaginary Sense Of Superiority And Psychological Complexes. This Unfathomable Universe – One-Of-A-Kind And Colossal In Its Scope Of Artistic Expression And Expressive Power, Explores The Human Consciousness et al. With Razor-Sharp Existential Commentary And Remarkably Unorthodox Humor, All The While, Diving Ever-Deeper Into The Profound Projections Of Our Fears, Contradictions, Mystifications And Enigmas. I Would Like To Believe That My Genuine Artistry, Worldviews And Life Philosophies Are Matched By A Genuine Personality And Infinitely Open Horizons. I’ve Also Been Creating Original Music For The Last 25 Odd Years, And In Recent Years, I Move Away From One-Dimensional Mediums Such As Music And Visual Art On Their Own – Into An Integrative Model Of Combining My Soundtracks With Full-Fledged Animation Videos Of My Art, In The Form Of Ever-Evolving Mandalas. I Welcome You To My Universe And Wish You An Enlightening Flight!


The Kaleidoscope / Mandala

It it is well known and documented that kaleidoscopes are in fact covert healers. They generate wonder, facilitate the imagination and provoke our psychedelic creativity. Looking at them is akin to a psychedelic trip. The sophisticated patterns we envision – move us deeply and often create an unforgettable experience. It is though a feeling and seeing a miracle in vivo. We discover that there is more to the fun and excitement that is to be found in looking at the ever-varying kaleidoscopic patterns. There is a hidden power in the kaleidoscope, which is equal to a particularly strong dose of mind-altering drugs. The enigma and magia of the kaleidoscope cultivates sublime relaxation and lasting harmony, helps our sense of focus and sharpens our senses, boosts creativity, helps our creative impulse reach its peak and reduces existential anxiety. By its very nature, kaleidoscopes engage both left and right sides of the brain, which helps problem solving. The beauty of the mandala inspires the human consciousness – the effect of which I see as the embodiment of bona fide psychedelic healing.

Psychiatrists and psychologists have long since claimed that kaleidoscopes have a tremendous power to heighten our conscious awareness, to the point we are able to see colors and shapes in a myriad of different and fascinating ways. They swirl and twirl in front of our bewildered eyes, and transform our perception, creating an altered state of consciousness and transporting the viewers into shifting worlds of dazzling colors that are beautiful and unique. Ned Herrmann, artist and founder of Whole Brain Corp., claims that the kaleidoscope is much more than a simple optical stimulus. He links the kaleidoscope to changing patterns of feelings and inner rhythms. Herrmann is involved in creative workshops at Lake Lure, N.C, and he teaches people how to use their creativity and how to determine which side of the brain is more dominant in participants. The kaleidoscope is useful for breaking down barriers that were constructed, to allow people to embrace their creativity. Herrmann explain that if someone wishes to develop the right side of the brain, which is the visual side, more effectively – they should experiment with kaleidoscopes to stimulate their senses.

Moreover, Dr. Clifford Kuhn of the University of Kentucky, strongly believes that kaleidoscopes have genuine healing powers. To view a kaleidoscope – you must sit absolutely still and this is followed by visual stimulation, that’s of a positive and life-affirming nature. The person’s mind is stimulated as the dazzling colors and weird shapes psychoactively alter, and their imagination is stirred to the maximum. Dr. Kuhn is also an advocate of the kaleidoscope as an activity of ‘mental repair’, because it isolates the person from the stress of everyday life. By restoring stillness and offering visual stimulus, the kaleidoscope begins to heal us in a subliminally meditative manner. Furthermore, in this vein, according to The New Times, kaleidoscopes and mandalas are oft used as bona fide healing instruments. Barbara Mitchell designed the Spectra-Sphere kaleidoscope, which features a two-mirror lens to give viewers endless patterns to observe. Mitchell proclaims that many people find that associating colors with emotions is helpful to them and they respond to this in a therapeutic way.The benefits of using kaleidoscopes as a form of color therapy are easy to see. Barbara Mitchell’s SpectraSphere model has even been videotaped by Prime Lens Productions and is being used by healthcare professionals as an effective way of alleviating stress amongst their patients. All the more so, hospital waiting rooms are also using the tape, as well as hospices, where it is believed to be helping patients overcome emotional and physical obstacles. 

All in all, A few minutes of submerging yourself in my intricate kaleidoscopic life’s work, crafted with the utmost supreme love and inspired dedication, shall most certainly have the best possible effect on your health – spiritually, emotionally and even physically. As many sages state – looking at mandalas for a few minutes each day equals long minutes of healthy laughter and thereby hold the power to harmonize your mood and enhance the quality of your prowess. Tune In To KaleidoMagia Labs, Mutate Your Mind And Create Your Miracle Today! 

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