“Citizens, in the future there will be neither darkness nor thunderbolts; neither ferocious ignorance, nor bloody retaliation. As there will be no more Satan. In the future no one will kill anyone else, the earth will beam with radiance, the human race will love. The day will come… When all will be concord, harmony, light, joy and life”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

In The Meantime… It’s That Time Of The Month Again… The Goregrish Time For Full-blown-die-hard Creative Jihad! The Holy Battle For The Purity Of Artistic Expression! Thus Has Said The Darkest Guru, The Master Teacher Of The Spirits, The Guardian Of Darkroom Dharma And The Protector Of Art In An Age Of Falsifications And Post-Truth!

The Master Art Mutant (Also Known As Wings Of An Angel And/or The Unearthly Demagogue) Is A Veteran Psychonaut, Poet-Philosopher And Digital Artist, Specializing In An Original Style Of Avant-Garde Dark And Spiritual Horror Art. Continuing The Best Experimental Tradition Of Past Masters And Outsider Art’s Luminaries, Far From The Limelight Or Any Source Of Light For That Matter, This Distinctive Artist Invites You To Experience His Signature Art Style Which He’s Most Known For Around The World – Funeral Doom Laughter Horror Art, Focusing On Spiritual Horror And Reflecting On Humanity’s Darkest Sides, Thus Illuminating Our Imaginary Superiority And Complexes. This Unfathomable Universe – One-of-a-kind And Colossal In Its Scope Of Artistic Expression And Power – Explores The Human Consciousness And Much Beyond With Razor-sharp Existential Commentary And Remarkably Unorthodox Humor, All The While Diving Ever Deeper Into The Profound Projections Of Our Fears, Contradictions, Mystifications And Enigmas. The Artist’s Genuine Expressive Style, Radically Individual Worldviews And Life Philosophies Are Matched By A Genuine Personality And Infinitely Open Horizons As Evident From The Depths Which This Artist Explores Fearlessly.

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Visit My Gallery @ MOCA: Museum of Computer Art:

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