“Citizens, in the future there will be neither darkness nor thunderbolts; neither ferocious ignorance, nor bloody retaliation. As there will be no more Satan. In the future no one will kill anyone else, the earth will beam with radiance, the human race will love. The day will come… When all will be concord, harmony, light, joy and life”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

In The Meantime… It’s That Time Of The Month Again… The Goregrish Time For Full-blown-die-hard Creative Jihad! The Holy Battle For The Purity Of Artistic Expression! Thus Has Said The Darkest Guru, The Master Teacher Of The Spirits, The Guardian Of Darkroom Dharma And The Protector Of Art In An Age Of Falsifications And Post-truth!

The Master Art Mutant (Also Known As Wings of an Angel and/or The Unearthly Demagogue) Is A Veteran Psychonaut, Poet-Philosopher And Multifaceted Digital Artist. His Spiritual Universe Focuses On The Holy Trinity Of Experimental Sound Palettes, Deeply Self-Reflective Titles & Psychedelic Cover Art. This Independent Creative Artist Has No Agenda Or Goals Whatsoever But To Express Himself Freely, Without Inhibitions Or Restraints. This Unfathomable Universe – One-Of-A-Kind And Colossal In Its Scope Of Artistic Expression And Expressive Power, Explores The Human Consciousness et al. With Razor-Sharp Existential Commentary And Remarkably Unorthodox Humor, All The While, Diving Ever-Deeper Into The Profound Projections Of Our Fears, Contradictions, Mystifications And Enigmas. I Would Like To Believe That My Genuine Artistry, Worldviews And Life Philosophies Are Matched By A Genuine Personality And Infinitely Open Horizons. I Welcome You To My Universe And Wish You An Enlightening Flight!

Visit My Second Gallery @ MOCA: Museum of Computer Art:

Visit My Gallery @ MOCA: Museum of Computer Art:

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Visit My Feature As The October Selected Poet @ The Horror Zine:

My Psychedelic Short Stories Being Read By Lush Bunnie:

It’s Late… After Midnight… You Can’t Sleep, And Thence, Out Of Boredom, You Decide To Turn On The TV… You Go From Channel To Channel With Obvious World-Weariness, Without Seeing Anything Interesting Or Mildly Relevant To Your Existential Ennui… All Of A Sudden – Boom! You Mysteriously Find A Bizarre Channel You Haven’t Stumbled Upon Before – But What Is This Channel? All You See Are Ever-Moving And Ever-Evolving Images Of Mandalas And There’s Also Background Music Of Unfamiliar Nature… “What Is This?”, You Ask Yourself In Amazement… You Stare At The Screen As If You Were Possessed – Bewitched, Bewildered, In Awe, In Love… It’s So Trippy, Inspiring, Unearthly, Otherworldly… Congratulations Dear Cosmic Voyager! You’ve Just Fallen In Love With The Art Mutant’s 24/7 Subliminal Seances Broadcast Channel!

For The First Time Ever, You May Choose To Experience Full-Fledged Psychedelic Trips Without Risking Taking Any Entheogens Or Hallucinogens! Mutate Your Mind With My Mind-Expanding Art – Create Miracles In A Flash Inspiration! Awaken Your Imagination And Psychoactively Enrich Your Senses. My Creative Journey Embodies The Matrix Of Human Existence With Infinite Dimensions And Demonstrate Natural Healing Qualities – Facilitating Lucid Moments Of Out-Of-Body-Traveling, Near-Death-Experiences And Haunting Mediumship Seances With Your Higher-Self!

I Wholeheartedly Believe That Multimedia Project Such As Mine Shall Be The Much-Needed Replacement To The Archaic Concepts That We’ve Been Accustomed To (Of Museums, Art Galleries etc’). Thenceforth, Humbly, I Hope That My Vision Will Give Birth To The Art Of The Future And Facilitate Spirituality And Transformation Of Consciousness. In My Perception, We Must Replace All The Old Models And Masters With Fresh Paradigms And Role Models – In Tune With The Spirit Of This Quickly Changing Postmodern Era. May The Supreme Drone Accompany You To Your Greatest Unearthly Adventure! 

Tripping Guaranteed!

Start Your Mind-Blowing Journey In This Magical World Of Art By Watching An Animated Show. Click The Subsequent Youtube Links To View Any Of These Videos That I Create Specifically For Hardcore Dreaming And Tripping. These Are Genuine Digital Entheogens!


Your Delusionss Disperse The Ego Whose Passions Are Formless And Transient

Just As Fairytales Are The Failures Of Reality, An Open Mind Can Be As Pretty As A Lie

I Smoke The Unseen Body Partitions Of All You Who Live Inside The Caudex

Learning From Your Deeper Self Kills, Unless You Start Your Own Cult

The Barrier To Bliss Often Caricatures Our Humanification

Are Passions Just Life’s Reactions To Everything We See As Healthy?

Infinity Is To Re-Speak Our Mind While Existence Is On Acid

 Movement Interacts With A Symbolic Representation Of Timelessness

Without Facial Expressions, There Can Be No Confusion, So Let’s Lobotomize All Our Loved Ones

Beseeching In Half Awkwardness About The Means To Replace Foresighted Natural Selection

If You Trust A Mystic, You Will Surely Become A Cystic Statistic

Incognito Influences Of Utopian Near-Death Schemes In Conjunction With Promises Of Trivial Grandeur

Fragmentary Phobias Are Expressed In Gentle Gestures Of Persuasion

The Petty Swansong Of Our Infantile Codependency On A Higher Awakening

Doomsday Hushed The Bowstrings Of Feckless Truth Seeking Which Led Us To Mass Extinction

The Bawdy Monkey Business Of Irreversible Relaxation

Subordinate Every Thought To Deception And Fair Danger

Present In The Contagious Contemplation Of An Uncoming Tomorrow

Kharon’s Journey From The Amphibian Barracks To Hades

Art & Video were created with the best software for Mandalas - ArtScope & Kaleider

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